Print for Hostelry

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Hospitality Printing

Many of the decisions we make when investing in leisure are related to what we see. We observe the site, we observe the waiters, we see if there is a menu that gives us a clue of the type of food and / or drink that we can taste ...

In short, we observe many things and if we enter, or not, we decide in less than a minute. A minute that for the customer simply means deciding on one site or another. But one minute that is important to you because it can mean a new sale.

Imprenta La Fábrica offers you all kinds of printing products to improve the customer experience and increase your sales.


Many finishes, shapes and weights.


Various weights, type of printing and finishes.


Various sizes, type of printing and weights.

Bottle hangers

Various sizes and shapes.

Paper napkins

Printed, colored napkins of various qualities.

Cutlery holder

Various finishes, weights and sizes.

Some of our products