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Laser cutting and engraving in Marbella

Laser cutting and engraving are digital manufacturing techniques that use a concentrated beam of light to cut or mark different types of materials, such as wood, acrylic, two-layer plastic, glass, fabric, etc. These techniques offer advantages such as precision, speed, versatility and quality of finishes.

Laser cutting and engraving have multiple applications in various fields, such as decoration, advertising, art, industry, education or architecture. Some examples of products that can be made with these techniques are: signs, corporate letters, trophies, displays, lecterns, urns, decorative items, photographic engravings, models, prototypes, mechanical parts, etc.

Imprenta La Fábrica offers you a laser cutting and engraving service in Marbella.

Laser cutting and engraving on wood

Laser engraving and cutting on wood

Do you want your personalized gifts to have natural charm and a vintage touch? Then we recommend engraving your mark on wooden objects. Bring us your design, no matter if it is complex, our technology allows us to work on objects of different thicknesses and on almost all types of wood. The result will always be attractive, high definition and extraordinary durability.

Your logo can be engraved on a wide variety of types of wood, whether soft, hard or varnished. You just have to decide the type of advertising object most suitable for your campaign and we will not ensure that the result is spectacular.

cutting and engraving on methacrylate

Cutting and engraving of methacrylate

Laser engraving and cutting in methacrylate is one of the most popular techniques today and, no wonder, since its wonderful material allows us to do practically whatever we want, with the flexibility of being able to choose between different sizes, colors, thicknesses. and with great durability.

Laser engraving and cutting on methacrylate is perfect for labels, signs, displays, lecterns, trophies, decorative items, corporeal letters, gadgets and many more things you can think of.

Bilayer plastic cutting and engraving

Bilayer plastic cutting and engraving

Two-layer plastic for engraving is an excellent option if you want to achieve high-quality finishes at a low cost. Of the materials we work with at Imprenta La Fábrica, it is the most economical option to obtain a great product without having to give up design and a unique finish.

In this type of materials, the laser, in addition to engraving it, can also cut it, so a wide variety of sizes and shapes can be achieved. If we add to this the wide range of colors available, the result is that it can be used to identify practically anything.

They are plastics prepared to resist external agents such as the sun, heat and any weather situation, although being plastics they are not as resistant to impacts or scratches as aluminum and steel.

Custom Rubber Stamps

Custom Rubber Stamps

Due to its ease of use, low price and customization, the rubber stamp is a printing classic and an essential tool for organizing documentation in every office. We manufacture all the stamps that your company requires. Do you need a seal with your corporate logo, a seal for official documents, for contact information or receipt of documents? Leave it in our hands.

The rubber stamp remains unbeatable in the stationery and printing needs of any office. Your company logo on your seal continues to be one of the best brand visibility strategies. Imprenta La Fábrica offers you a wide variety of rubber stamps so you can choose the customization that best suits you.

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